Home of your next best friend.

We strive to bring to the public healthy, happy puppies who have had a great start in life . We also believe that our job isn't finished just because the puppy goes to a new home and we are always avail for any guidance/help our new families may need through the life of your E.V. Aussie. 


CALL OR TEXT: 541-709-0295  

CALL OR TEXT: 541-709-0295  

Located in Halfway OR, 97834


Our vet gives all of our puppies a basic exam, they check eye's, heart, lung sounds as well as checking for hernias and "the double coconut check".  They also then administer their first shots and dose of Pyrantal(wormer). This is done between 7 and 8 weeks of age and all puppies come with a vaccine record booklet.

We microchip all of our puppies and adults with Nano Chip microchips. They allow us to register our kennel name as a secondary contact if your fur baby ever goes missing so that we can be contacted if you cannot.. This is included in the price of your puppy and all information for chip number and registration will be included with your puppy package. It is up to the new owners to register themselves as the primary contact on your puppies microchip.
We will genetic test all of our breeding dogs for the full Aussie panel . All of our results are public and printouts of parents results can be included in the Puppy Package at no cost and will Automatically be added to any puppy package that includes breeding rights.
We dock all of our puppies tails and remove dew claws at 3-4 days of age.  We will leave tails and/or dewclaws intact if we receive a deposit before our first vet visit at 3-4 days old. Please send us a Facebook message or send us an e-mail for more details on this option.

Breeding rights will be discussed on a case by case basis. All posted prices are without breeding rights. If looking for a breeding quality puppy please send us a Facebook message or an E-mail to the address provided on this website 

We provide a puppy package to all our buyers. Puppy packages include, Shot records with booklet, small bag of the kibble they have been started on, a couple toys as well as all Registration paperwork. Oh and just for fun we also include a puppy ;)


We are fairly new to the breeding world. I have always loved the Australian Shepherd since we had our first as a family dog who we got when I was about eight. He was a adult blue merle named Quigley and it was not long after we got him that he was my shadow. We lived on five acres in Deschutes County and had farm animals as well as pets and I was always outside and he was always around to keep watch on me. As the years went by I grew up and he still watched over me on my horse back rides and wild teen adventures. I moved away as kids do and he passed away when I was 19. I never forgot his loyalty and kindness and the safety and love I felt having him with me always. Fast forward to a little over four years ago I decided it was finally time to get another Aussie. I knew I wanted to have the connection again that I had with Quigley as a child and also I wanted a dog that I could trust with the safety of my kids. Thats when I met Zen, she was just a tiny puppy but I knew that she was the one and I have never been disappointed. She is loyal and loving and I never have to worry where she is because its where ever I am :). We have expanded our family to include more of these amazing dogs and although each have a little different personalities that make them unique they all posses the wonderful qualities that make me so passionate about this breed. I love each and every aussie we have and so do my kids. It is a family affair when it comes to loving and socializing these little balls of fluff and cuteness which I don't think any of us would change for anything :). We look forward to expanding our EV family over the next many years and generations. We do post a lot of pictures of everyday life and fun adventures with our pack to our Facebook page as well as past puppies and buyers reviews :).