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ASDR Registered. Cayanne is a fun dog. She loves to go and is always up for any adventure. Cayanne joined our family as an adult and we love her dearly. She is good with my kids and other animals. We are proud to pass on her temperment and beauty. Cayanne has been genetically tested and is clear for everything except is a carrier for MDR1 and CEA.


ASCA Registered. Lexi is a sweet girl who loves attention and is very athletic. She is always ready to go and we love her. She has a lovely coat and double blue eyes. Lexi's is clear for her full Genetic panel through Canine Healthcheck :)


ASCA/ASDR Registered. Molly belongs to my 12 year old sister. She prefers the kids over anyone and will follow them all over. She is a very sweet girl with a great temperament as well as being very pretty. We are very pleased with her mothering skills of her own puppies also. She is truly a nurturing type. Molly is clear for her full Genetic panel through Canine Healthcheck


ASDR Registered. Sky is a lovely soul. She adores people and is always up for some cuddles and a belly rub 🙂. She is also a huge fan of water! She does not care if its a puddle or a lake she loves to splash, play and cool off in the kiddie pool. She shows an affinity for herding livestock but does not herd my children. Sky has been genetically tested and is clear except MDR1 M/N 


ASCA Registered. Spring is as gorgeous as they come her bold coloring is a crowd favorite and we are so looking forward to seeing her future progeny. This girl has an amazing easy going personality and has great manners. She is a calm girl for an aussie and we think she may produce service dog prospects also :). Great all around girl. Spring's genetic testing is currently pending


ASCA/ASDR Registed. Mulan is a sassy girl who is always glued to my hip. She comes from some great working lines and has a nice working type coat which is very low maintenance. Her coloring is just gorgeous and she has really bold copper points. She is also very willing to go to work helping me move goats around and has a lot of natural talent for it. We hope to do herding trials with this pretty girl in the future. Mulan is clear on her genetic testing except DM M/N (Carrier only)


ASDR Registered. Hope is our first homegrown girl we have kept and I can honestly say I couldn't be more pleased with her. She is absolutely gorgeous with an amazing full coat and vibrant markings. Her stature is strong and square and I believe she got the best genes from both parents. We are excited to watch this girl grow and experience first hand what we strive to bring the public with happy healthy beautiful puppies <3. Hope is tested clear for HC and Clear By Parentage for rest of full Aussie Panel.


AKC/ASCA Registered. Ailen is my 14 year olds daughters pup. She is a spunky gal who my daughter loves and she takes her everywhere she goes. Genetic Testing Pending


AKC/ASCA Registered. Dandy is a full sister to Ailen and they came from Oklahoma :) We are excited to bring in some new lines and can not wait to see how these girls develop as they grow up :). Dandy's Genetic testing is pending


AKC/ASCA Registered. Jewel is such a funny girl. She has a gorgeous fluffy coat and lovely copper. She comes from Idaho and is already fitting in well with our other dogs. We are happy to have her in our EV family and look forward to her future here. Jewel is Full Panel Clear via Parentage

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